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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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is: (1) valid and enforceable pursuant to its terms; (2) integral to the Plan and may not be deleted or modified without the Debtors’ consent and (3) non-severable and mutually dependent.


J.       Closing of Chapter 11 Cases.


The Debtors shall promptly after the full administration of the Chapter 11 Cases, File with the Bankruptcy Court all documents required by Bankruptcy Rule 3022 and Local Rule 3022-1 and any applicable order necessary to close the Chapter 11 Cases that has been fully administered.


K.       No Admission Against Interest.


Neither the filing of the Plan, the Disclosure Statement, nor any statement contained therein, is or shall be deemed an admission against interest. In the event that this Plan is not consummated, neither this Plan, the Disclosure Statement nor any statement contained therein may be used or relied upon in any manner in any suit, action, proceeding or controversy within or outside the Bankruptcy Court involving the Debtors.


L.       No Waiver.


Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, nothing set forth in this Plan or the Disclosure Statement shall be deemed a waiver or release of any claims, rights or Causes of Action against any Person other than the Debtors.


M.       Headings.


The article and section headings used in the Plan are inserted for convenience and reference only and neither constitutes a part of the Plan nor any manner affects the terms, provisions or interpretation of the Plan.


N.       Governing Law.


Except to the extent the Bankruptcy Code, the Bankruptcy Rules or other federal law is applicable, or to the extent otherwise provided in the Plan, the rights and obligations arising under the Plan, shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Delaware, without giving any effect to the principles of conflicts of law or such jurisdiction.


O.       Conflicts.


Except as set forth in the Plan, to the extent that any provision of any other Restructuring Document or any document or other exhibits, schedules, appendices, supplements, or amendments of any document referenced in the Plan (the “Plan Related Documents”) conflict with or are in any way inconsistent with any provision of the Plan, the Plan shall govern and control; provided that, with respect to any conflict or inconsistency between the Plan or the Plan Related Documents on the one hand, and the Confirmation Order on the other, the Confirmation Order shall govern.