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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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Note Claims and the Prepetition Treximet Highbridge Deficiency Claims, until the occurrence of the Highbridge Participate Right Trigger. In addition, the Buyer (a Highbridge Party) served as the stalking horse bidder for substantially all of the Debtors’ assets, providing the Debtors with a path to a value-maximizing and expedient resolution to these chapter 11 cases. Moreover, the DIP Lenders (each a Highbridge Party) agreed to fund the Debtors’ post-Closing wind down budget on the terms set forth in the Asset Purchase Agreement. In return for the foregoing, the Highbridge Parties are receiving releases as set forth in Article VIII of the Plan.


In connection with the Global Settlement, the Creditors’ Committee has obtained significant value for general unsecured creditors, who, given the Debtors’ capital structure, would likely receive no recovery or a substantially diminished recovery absent the consideration provided pursuant to the Global Settlement, including the substantial consideration provided by the Highbridge Parties. Likewise, the Creditors’ Committee has preserved the Trust Causes of Action for the holders of Liquidating Trust Interests further enhancing their potential overall recovery. The Global Settlement ends potentially expensive, extensive and time consuming litigation over the respective parties’ rights and interests in the Debtors’ assets, provides for an expedited and efficient wind down of the Debtors’ Estates for the benefit of all stakeholders, and provides significant recovery to the Debtors’ general unsecured creditors.


Pursuant to Bankruptcy Code section 1123(b)(3)(A) of the Bankruptcy Code and Bankruptcy Rule 9019 and in consideration of the distributions and other benefits provided under the Plan, the provisions of the Plan implementing the Global Settlement constitute a good faith compromise and settlement of all Released Claims against the Released Parties, and the Plan constitutes a request for the Bankruptcy Court to authorize and approve such compromise and Global Settlement, to release all of the Released Claims belonging to the Debtors and any other Person that is deemed to have given a release pursuant to Section VIII.E of the Plan against each and every Released Party. Distributions to be made pursuant to the Plan shall be made on account of and in consideration of the Global Settlement. Entry of the Confirmation Order shall confirm the Bankruptcy Court’s approval of the Global Settlement, as of the Effective Date, of all components of the Global Settlement and the Bankruptcy Court’s finding that the Global Settlement is in the best interests of the Debtors, the Post-Effective Date Debtors, their respective Estates, and the holders of Claims and Interests, and is fair, equitable and reasonable.


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, Venable and FC shall have Allowed General Unsecured Claims in the respective amounts of $168,653.51 and $302,966.47 for attorneys’ fees and expenses incurred in respect of prepetition legal services provided to the Debtors, in full satisfaction of, and free from any offset, challenge, claim or cause of action, in respect of, in connection with or related to Venable’s and FC’s provision of such legal services.


Article VII


A.       Rejection of Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases.


Except as otherwise expressly set forth herein, on the Effective Date, all Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases shall be deemed rejected as of the Effective Date, unless such Executory Contract or Unexpired Lease: (i) was assumed or rejected previously by the Debtors; (ii) previously expired or terminated pursuant to its own terms; (iii) is the subject of a motion to assume Filed on or before the Effective Date; or (iv) has been designated by the Buyer as a “Transferred Contract” pursuant to the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement;