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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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K.       Distributions by Liquidating Trust.


The Liquidating Trustee shall not be obligated to make a distribution that would impair the ability of the Liquidating Trust to pay the expenses incurred by the Liquidating Trust.


L.       Claims Paid or Payable by Third Parties.


1.       Claims Paid by Third Parties


The Plan Administrator and the Liquidating Trustee shall reduce in full a Claim, and such Claim shall be disallowed without a Claim objection having to be Filed and without any further notice to or action, order or approval of the Bankruptcy Court, to the extent that the holder of such Claim receives payment in full on account of such Claim from a party that is not the Debtors or Liquidating Trust. To the extent a holder of such Claim receives a distribution on account of such Claim and receives payment from a party that is not the Debtors or the Liquidating Trust on account of such Claim, such holder shall repay, return or deliver any distribution to the Plan Administrator or the Liquidating Trust, to the extent the holder’s total recovery on account of such Claim from the third party and under the Plan exceeds the amount of such Claim as of the date of any such distribution under the Plan. The Liquidating Trust and the Debtors’ Estates reserve all of their rights, remedies, claims and actions against any such holders who fail to repay or return any such distribution.


2.       Claims Payable by Third Parties


No distributions under the Plan shall be made on account of an Allowed Claim that is payable pursuant to the Debtors’ Insurance Policies until the holder of such Allowed Claim has exhausted all remedies with respect to such Insurance Policy. To the extent that one or more of the Debtors’ Insurers agrees to satisfy in full or in part a Claim, then immediately upon such Insurers’ agreement, the applicable portion of such Claim may be expunged without a Claims objection having to be filed and without any further notice to or action, order or approval of the Bankruptcy Court.


3.       Applicability of Insurance Policies


(A) Except as otherwise provided in the Plan, distributions to holders of Claims covered by an Insurance Policy shall be in accordance with the provisions of any applicable Insurance Policy. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Disclosure Statement, the Plan, the Plan Supplement, the Confirmation Order, the Claims Bar Date Order, any bar date notice or Claim objection, any other document related to any of the foregoing, or any other order of the Bankruptcy Court (including, without limitation, any provision that purports to be preemptory or supervening, grants an injunction or release, requires any party to opt out of any releases or confers Bankruptcy Court jurisdiction): (i) nothing shall in any way operate to, or have the effect of: (a) impairing or modifying the Insurers’ legal, equitable, or contractual rights under the Insurance Policies, in any respect; or (b) altering or modifying the coverage provided under the Insurance Policies, or the terms and conditions thereof; (ii) the rights of Insurers shall be determined under their respective Insurance Policies, applicable non-bankruptcy law, and/or settlement agreements to which the Insurer is a party, as applicable; and (iii) the automatic stay of Bankruptcy Code section 362(a) and the injunctions set forth in Article VIII of the Plan, if and to the extent applicable, shall be deemed lifted without further order of this Bankruptcy Court, solely to permit: (I) claimants with valid workers’ compensation claims or direct action claims against an Insurer under applicable non-bankruptcy law to proceed with their claims; and (II) the