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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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against any money or property distributable to the Holders under the relevant indenture, including any rights to priority of payment and/or to exercise charging liens; (5) allowing the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to enforce any obligations owed to each of them under the Plan; (6) allowing the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to exercise rights and obligations relating to the interests of the Holders under the relevant indentures consistent with the terms of the Plan; (7) allowing the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to appear in the Chapter 11 Cases or in any proceeding in the Bankruptcy Court or any other court, including, but not limited, to enforce the respective obligations owed to such parties under the Plan; and (8) permitting the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to perform any functions that are necessary to effectuate the foregoing; provided, further, however, that the preceding provision shall not result in any expense or liability to the Debtors, except to the extent set forth in or provided for under this Plan.


I.       Indemnification Obligations.


Except as otherwise provided in the Plan, the Confirmation Order, any and all indemnification obligations of the Debtors, whether pursuant to a contract, instrument, agreement, certificate of incorporation, by-law, comparable organizational document, or other document or applicable law, shall be rejected as of the Effective Date of the Plan.


J.       Effectuating Documents; Further Transactions.


Prior to the Effective Date, the Debtors and their respective directors, members, trustees, officers, and managers are and, after the Effective Date, the Post-Effective Date Debtors are authorized to and may issue, execute, deliver, file, or record such contracts, Securities, instruments, releases, and other agreements or documents and take such actions as may be necessary or appropriate to effectuate, implement, and further evidence the terms and conditions of the Plan in the name of and on behalf of the Debtors, without the need for any approvals, authorizations, or consents, except for those expressly required pursuant to the Plan, or any further notice to or action, order, or approval of the Bankruptcy Court.


K.       Exemption from Certain Taxes and Fees.


Pursuant to section 1146(a) of the Bankruptcy Code, any transfers of property pursuant hereto shall not be subject to any document recording tax, stamp tax, conveyance fee, intangibles or similar tax, mortgage tax, real estate transfer tax, mortgage recording tax, Uniform Commercial Code filing or recording fee, filing or recording fee, or other similar tax or governmental assessment, and the appropriate state or local governmental officials or agents shall forego the collection of any such tax or governmental assessment and to accept for filing and recordation any of the foregoing instruments or other documents without the payment of any such tax or governmental assessment.


L.       Treatment of Causes of Action.


Unless any Causes of Action against an Entity are expressly waived, relinquished, exculpated, released, compromised, or settled in the Plan, Asset Purchase Agreement, Global Settlement, or a Bankruptcy Court order, the Debtors reserve any and all Causes of Action (other than Trust Causes of Action or Causes of Action transferred to Buyer pursuant to the Asset Purchase Agreement) whether arising before or after the Petition Date, and preserve the right to commence, prosecute, or settle such Causes of Action notwithstanding the occurrence of the Effective Date. The Post-Effective Date Debtors may pursue such Causes of Action, other than