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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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extent necessary); require such trustee to be answerable to the Liquidating Trustee for all monies, assets and other property that may be received in connection with the administration of all property; and remove such trustee, with or without cause, and appoint a successor trustee at any time by the execution by the Liquidating Trustee of a written instrument declared such trustee removed from office, and specifying the effective date and time of removal;


xiv.       Exercise such other powers as may be vested in or assumed by the Liquidating Trustee pursuant to the Plan, the Liquidating Trust Agreement, the Confirmation Order, other orders of the Bankruptcy Court, or as may be necessary and proper to carry out the provisions of the Plan.


Solely with respect to any Liquidating Trust Asset, the Liquidating Trustee shall stand in the same position as the Debtors with respect to any claim the Debtors may have to an attorney-client privilege, the work-product doctrine, or any other privilege, and the Liquidating Trustee shall succeed to all of the Debtors’ rights to preserve, assert or waive any such privilege.


6.       Compensation of the Liquidating Trustee. The Liquidating Trustee shall be compensated pursuant to the terms of the Liquidating Trust Agreement subject to the Committee Professional Fee Cap. Any professionals retained by the Liquidating Trustee shall be entitled to reasonable compensation for services rendered and reimbursement of expenses incurred, subject to approval by the Liquidating Trustee and subject to the Committee Professional Fee Cap. The payment of fees and expenses of the Liquidating Trustee and its professionals shall be made in the ordinary course of business and shall not be subject to Bankruptcy Court approval. The identity of the Liquidating Trustee and its proposed compensation shall be disclosed in the Plan Supplement.


7.       Trust Causes of Action. The Liquidating Trustee shall have the sole right to pursue any existing or potential Trust Causes of Action, by informal demand and/or commencement of litigation.


8.       Effective Date. On the Effective Date, the Liquidating Trustee shall have the rights and powers set forth herein and in the Liquidating Trust Agreement in order to carry out and implement the purposes and intent of the Plan.


H.       Cancellation of Existing Securities.


Except as otherwise provided in the Plan or any agreement, instrument or other document incorporated in the Plan, on the Effective Date, the obligations of the Debtors pursuant, relating or pertaining to any agreements, indentures, certificates of designation, bylaws or certificate or articles of incorporation or similar documents governing the shares, certificates, notes and purchase rights, options, warrants or other instruments or documents evidencing or creating any indebtedness or obligation of the Debtors related thereto shall be cancelled and deemed null and void; provided, however, notwithstanding Confirmation or the occurrence of the Effective Date, any such indenture or agreement that governs the rights of the holder of a Claim against the Debtors shall continue in effect solely for purposes of (1) enabling holders of Allowed Claims to receive distributions under the Plan as provided herein and (2) allowing the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to enforce their rights, claims, and interests vis-à-vis any parties other than the Debtors; (3) allowing the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to make the distributions in accordance with the Plan (if any), as applicable; (4) preserving any rights of the Unsecured Indenture Trustees to payment of fees, expenses, and indemnification obligations solely as