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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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those restrictions expressly imposed by the Plan, the Confirmation Order or the Liquidating Trust Agreement;


iv.       To make decisions, without further Bankruptcy Court approval, regarding the retention or engagement of professionals, employees and consultants by the Liquidating Trust and the Liquidating Trustee and to pay the fees and charges incurred by the Liquidating Trustee on the Liquidating Trust’s behalf on or after the Effective Date for fees and expenses of professionals (including those retained by the Liquidating Trustee), disbursements, expenses or related support services relating to the Liquidating Trust;


v.       To file, if necessary, any and all tax and information returns required with respect to the Liquidating Trust as a grantor trust pursuant to Treas. Reg. 1.671-4(a) or otherwise, (ii) make tax elections by and on behalf of the Liquidating Trust, and (iii) pay taxes, if any, payable by the Liquidating Trust.


vi.       To take all other actions not inconsistent with the provisions of the Plan which the Liquidating Trustee deems reasonably necessary or desirable with respect to administering the Plan;


vii.       To implement and/or enforce all provisions of the Plan, including entering into any agreement or executing any document required by or consistent with the Plan, the Confirmation Order and the Liquidating Trust Agreement;


viii.       To abandon in any commercially reasonable manner, including abandonment or donation to a charitable organization of its choice, any Liquidating Trust Asset if the Liquidating Trustee concludes they are no benefit to the Estate;


ix.       Except as otherwise set forth herein, to prosecute and/or settle Trust Causes of Action for the benefit of holders of Liquidating Trust Interests, with or without approval of the Bankruptcy Court, and exercise, participate in or initiate any proceeding before the Bankruptcy Court or any other court of appropriate jurisdiction and participate as a party or otherwise in any administrative, arbitrative or other nonjudicial proceeding and pursue to settlement or judgment such actions;


x.       To purchase or create and carry all insurance policies and pay all insurance premiums and costs the Liquidating Trustee deems necessary or advisable;


xi.       To collect and liquidate and/or distribute all Liquidating Trust Assets pursuant to the Plan, the Confirmation Order and the Liquidating Trust Agreement;


xii.       To hold any legal title to any and all of the Liquidating Trust Assets;


xiii.       If any of the Liquidating Trust Assets are situated in any state or other jurisdiction in which the Liquidating Trustee is not qualified to act as trustee, to nominate and appoint a Person duly qualified to act as trustee in such state or jurisdiction and require from each such trustee such security as may be designated by the Liquidating Trustee in its discretion; confer upon such trustee all the rights, powers, privileges and duties of the Liquidating Trustee hereunder, subject to the conditions and limitations of the Liquidating Trust Agreement, except as modified or limited by the Liquidating Trustee and except where the conditions and limitations may be modified by the laws of such state or other jurisdiction (in which case, the laws or the state or jurisdiction in which the trustee is action shall prevail to the