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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 06/26/2019
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under the Asset Purchase Agreement, the Prepetition ABL Lenders, the Prepetition DDTL Lenders, the DIP Lenders, holders of Prepetition Treximet Notes, holders of Prepetition Exchangeable Notes, and/or holders of any other Security, Claim or Interest in the Debtors), and any of their related management companies, and any of such Entity’s predecessors, successors and assigns, subsidiaries, and Affiliates, and each of their managed accounts or funds, former or current directors and officers, principals, shareholders, members, partners, employees, investors, relatives, agents, advisory board members, financial advisors, attorneys, accountants, investment bankers, consultants, representatives, management companies, fund advisors and other professionals, each in its respective capacity as such.


69.       “Highbridge Participation Right Trigger shall be deemed to occur when the aggregate recovery on account of Allowed Prepetition Convertible Notes Claims exceeds $4 million from any source.


70.        “Impaired” means, with respect to a Class of Claims or Interests, a Class of Claims or Interests that is impaired within the meaning of Bankruptcy Code section 1124.


71.       “Insurance Policies” means any and all insurance policies that have at any time been issued to or provided coverage to any of the Debtors as of the Petition Date, and all agreements, documents or instruments relating thereto, including, without limitation any directors and officers liability policies that are not Transferred Assets.


72.       “Insurer” means any Entity that issued an Insurance Policy or provided coverage to any of the Debtors, any third-party administrator, and any respective predecessor and/or affiliates thereof.


73.       “Interests” means any equity security in a Debtor as defined in Bankruptcy Code section 101(16), including all issued, unissued, authorized or outstanding shares of capital stock of the Debtors together with any warrants, options or contractual rights to purchase or acquire such equity securities at any time and all rights arising with respect thereto.


74.       “Interim Compensation Order” means the Order Establishing Procedures for Interim Compensation and Reimbursement of Expenses for Professionals and Official Committee Members [D. I. 147].


75.       Intercompany Claim” means any Claim against a Debtor held by another Debtor, including the Treximet Intercompany Note.


76.       “Judicial Code” means title 28 of the United States Code, 28 U.S.C. §§ l-4001.


77.       “Lien” means a lien as defined in Bankruptcy Code section 101(37).


78.       Liquidating Trust” means the trust, of which the Liquidating Trustee shall serve as trustee, formed pursuant to this Plan, the Liquidating Trust Agreement, and the Confirmation Order.


79.       “Liquidating Trust Agreement” means the agreement included in the Plan Supplement, as may be amended, established as of the Effective Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Creditors’ Committee, setting forth the terms and conditions of the Liquidating Trust, as may be modified from time to time.


80.       “Liquidating Trust Assets” means the Trust Cash Amount and the Trust Causes of Action, the Trust Fees Amount, and any other Cash, assets or other value that becomes