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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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Uniform Commercial Code (or similar code or statute) as enacted and in effect in a jurisdiction other than the State of New York, the term “Code” shall mean the Uniform Commercial Code (or similar code or statute) as enacted and in effect in such other jurisdiction solely for purposes of the provisions hereof relating to such perfection, priority or remedies.


Collateral” means all “DIP Collateral” (as defined in the Interim DIP Order or, after entry thereof, the Final DIP Order) and all other assets and interests in assets and proceeds thereof now owned or hereafter acquired by Borrower or its Subsidiaries in or upon which a Lien is granted by such Person in favor of Agent or the Lenders under any of the Loan Documents and the DIP Orders; provided that the Collateral shall not include the Prepetition Treximet Notes Collateral (as defined in the applicable DIP Order) or any other Excluded Property.


Commitment” means, with respect to each Lender, the Closing Date Commitments and the Delayed Draw Commitment of such Lender.


Confidential Information” has the meaning specified therefor in Section ‎17.9(a) of the Agreement.


Contingent Obligation” means, with respect to any Person, any direct or indirect liability of such Person: (a) with respect to any Indebtedness of another Person (a “Third Party Obligation”) if the purpose or intent of such Person incurring such liability, or the effect thereof, is to provide assurance to the obligee of such Third Party Obligation that such Third Party Obligation will be paid or discharged, or that any agreement relating thereto will be complied with, or that any holder of such Third Party Obligation will be protected, in whole or in part, against loss with respect thereto; (b) with respect to any undrawn portion of any letter of credit issued for the account of such Person or as to which such Person is otherwise liable for the reimbursement of any drawing; (c) to make take-or-pay or similar payments if required regardless of nonperformance by any other party or parties to an agreement; or (d) for any obligations of another Person pursuant to any guarantee or pursuant to any agreement to purchase, repurchase or otherwise acquire any obligation or any property constituting security therefor, to provide funds for the payment or discharge of such obligation or to preserve the solvency, financial condition or level of income of another Person. The amount of any Contingent Obligation shall be equal to the amount of the obligation so guaranteed or otherwise supported or, if not a fixed and determinable amount, the maximum amount so guaranteed or otherwise supported.


Continuing Directors” means (a) any member of the Board of Directors who was a director (or comparable manager) of Borrower on the Closing Date, and (b) any individual who becomes a member of the Board of Directors of Borrower after the Closing Date if such individual was approved, appointed or nominated for election to the Board of Directors of Borrower by a majority of the Continuing Directors.


Copyrights” means any and all rights in any works of authorship, including (a) copyrights and moral rights, (b) copyright registrations and recordings thereof and all applications in connection therewith including those listed on Schedule 4.5 to the Agreement, (c) income, license fees, royalties, damages, and payments now and hereafter due or payable under and with respect thereto, including payments under all licenses entered into in connection therewith and damages and payments for past, present, or future infringements thereof, (e) the right to sue for past, present, and future infringements thereof, and (d) all rights corresponding thereto throughout the world.


Core Assets” means the Silenor Assets and the Generics Assets.


Committee” has the meaning specified therefor in the applicable DIP Order.


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