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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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the Lenders by Agent, Agent shall not have any duty or responsibility to provide any Lender with any credit or other information concerning the business, prospects, operations, property, financial and other condition or creditworthiness of Borrower or any other Person party to a Loan Document that may come into the possession of any of the Agent-Related Persons. Each Lender acknowledges that Agent does not have any duty or responsibility, either initially or on a continuing basis (except to the extent, if any, that is expressly specified herein) to provide such Lender with any credit or other information with respect to Borrower, its Affiliates or any of their respective business, legal, financial or other affairs, and irrespective of whether such information came into Agent’s or its Affiliates’ or representatives’ possession before or after the date on which such Lender became a party to this Agreement.


15.7            Costs and Expenses; Indemnification. Agent may incur and pay Lender Group Expenses to the extent Agent reasonably deems necessary or appropriate for the performance and fulfillment of its functions, powers, and obligations pursuant to the Loan Documents, including court costs, attorneys’ fees and expenses (limited, in the case of legal fees and expenses, to reasonable and documented fees and expenses of one counsel to the Agent, any Sub-Agent and the Lenders (taken as a whole) in each material or relevant jurisdiction (unless (x) a conflict or potential conflict exists as determined in the reasonable judgment of any such party in which case(s) the fees, charges and disbursements of reasonably necessary additional counsel for all such affected parties shall be covered, (y) special regulatory counsel is necessary as determined in the reasonable judgment of the Agent or the Required Lenders, in which case the fees and expenses of such regulatory counsel shall be covered or (z) an Event of Default exists)), fees and expenses of financial accountants, advisors, consultants, and appraisers, costs of collection by outside collection agencies, auctioneer fees and expenses, and costs of security guards or insurance premiums paid to maintain the Collateral, whether or not Borrower is obligated to reimburse Agent or Lenders for such expenses pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise. Agent is authorized and directed to deduct and retain sufficient amounts from payments or proceeds of the Collateral received by Agent to reimburse Agent for such out-of-pocket costs and expenses prior to the distribution of any amounts to Lenders. In the event Agent is not reimbursed for such costs and expenses by Borrower or its Subsidiaries, each Lender hereby agrees that it is and shall be obligated to pay to Agent such Lender’s ratable thereof. Whether or not the transactions contemplated hereby are consummated, each of the Lenders, on a ratable basis, shall indemnify and defend the Agent-Related Persons (to the extent not reimbursed by or on behalf of Borrower or any other Loan Party and without limiting the obligation of Borrower or any other Loan Party to do so) from and against any and all Indemnified Liabilities; provided, that no Lender shall be liable for the payment to any Agent-Related Person of any portion of such Indemnified Liabilities resulting solely from such Agent-Related Person’s gross negligence or willful misconduct nor shall any Lender be liable for the obligations of any Defaulting Lender in failing to make a Loan or other extension of credit hereunder. Without limitation of the foregoing, each Lender shall reimburse Agent upon demand for such Lender’s ratable share of any costs or out of pocket expenses (including attorneys, accountants, advisors, and consultants fees and expenses) incurred by Agent in connection with the preparation, execution, delivery, administration, modification, amendment, or enforcement (whether through negotiations, legal proceedings or otherwise) of, or legal advice in respect of rights or responsibilities under, this Agreement or any other Loan Document to the extent that Agent is not reimbursed for such expenses by or on behalf of Borrower or any other Loan Party. The undertaking in this Section shall survive the payment of all Obligations hereunder and the resignation or replacement of Agent.


15.8            Agent in Individual Capacity. Cantor Fitzgerald Securities and its Affiliates may make loans to, issue letters of credit for the account of, accept deposits from, provide bank products to, acquire Equity Interests in, and generally engage in any kind of banking, trust, financial advisory, underwriting, or other business with Borrower and its Subsidiaries and Affiliates and any other Person party to any Loan Document as though Cantor Fitzgerald Securities were not Agent hereunder, and, in each case, without notice to or consent of the other members of the Lender Group. The other members of the Lender