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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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any time; provided, that in the event that LIBOR Rate Loans are converted or prepaid on any date that is not the last day of the Interest Period applicable thereto, including as a result of any prepayment through the required application by Agent of any payments or proceeds of Collateral in accordance with Section 2.4(b) or for any other reason, including early termination of the term of this Agreement or acceleration of all or any portion of the Obligations pursuant to the terms hereof, Borrower shall indemnify, defend, and hold Agent and the Lenders and their Participants harmless against any and all Funding Losses in accordance with Section 2.12 (b)(ii).


(d)                Special Provisions Applicable to LIBOR Rate.


(i)            The LIBOR Rate may be adjusted by Agent with respect to any Lender on a prospective basis to take into account any additional or increased costs to such Lender of maintaining or obtaining any eurodollar deposits or increased costs, in each case, due to changes in applicable law occurring subsequent to the commencement of the then applicable Interest Period, including any Changes in Law (including any changes in tax laws (except changes (a) with respect to any Taxes governed by Section 16 of this Agreement and (b) with respect to any Excluded Taxes) and changes in the reserve requirements imposed by the Board of Governors, which additional or increased costs would increase the cost of funding or maintaining loans bearing interest at the LIBOR Rate; provided that Borrower shall not be required to compensate a Lender pursuant to this Section for any additional or increased costs arising more than 180 days prior to the date that such Lender notifies Borrower of the circumstances giving rise to such additional or increased costs and of such Lender’s intention to claim compensation therefor; provided further that if such claim arises by reason of circumstances that is retroactive or if the effects of such circumstances were not reasonably known to such Lender during such 180-day period referred to above, then the 180-day period referred to above shall be extended to include the period of retroactive effect thereof or the date such effects of such circumstances became known or would have reasonably been known to such Lender, as applicable. In any such event, the affected Lender shall give Borrower and Agent notice of such a determination and adjustment and Agent promptly shall transmit the notice to each other Lender and, upon its receipt of the notice from the affected Lender, Borrower may, by notice to such affected Lender (A) require such Lender to furnish to Borrower a statement setting forth in reasonable detail the basis for adjusting such LIBOR Rate and the method for determining the amount of such adjustment, or (B) repay the LIBOR Rate Loans of such Lender with respect to which such adjustment is made (together with any amounts due under Section 2.12(b)(ii)).


(ii)          In the event that any change in market conditions or any Change in Law shall at any time after the date hereof, in the reasonable opinion of any Lender, make it unlawful or impractical for such Lender to fund or maintain LIBOR Rate Loans or to continue such funding or maintaining, or to determine or charge interest rates at the LIBOR Rate, (x) such Lender shall give notice of such changed circumstances to Agent and Borrower and Agent promptly shall transmit the notice to each other Lender, (y) in the case of any LIBOR Rate Loans of such Lender that are outstanding, the date specified in such Lender’s notice shall be deemed to be the last day of the Interest Period of such LIBOR Rate Loans, and interest upon the LIBOR Rate Loans of such Lender thereafter shall accrue interest at the rate then applicable to Base Rate Loans, and (z) Borrower shall not be entitled to elect the LIBOR Option until such Lender determines that it would no longer be unlawful or impractical to do so.


(e)                No Requirement of Matched Funding. Anything to the contrary contained herein notwithstanding, neither Agent, nor any Lender, nor any of their Participants, is required actually to acquire eurodollar deposits to fund or otherwise match fund any Obligation as to which interest accrues at the LIBOR Rate.


2.13            Capital Requirements.