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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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for the benefit of Borrower as such Defaulting Lender’s Pro Rata Share of any Delayed Draw Loan required to be made pursuant to Section ‎2.1 from any remaining Commitments (upon the request of Borrower and subject to the conditions set forth in Sections ‎3.2 and ‎3.3) as if such Defaulting Lender had made its portion of Loans (or other funding obligations) hereunder, and (C) from and after the date on which the Commitments are cancelled or terminated and all other Obligations have been paid in full, to such Defaulting Lender in accordance with tier (H) of Section 2.4(b)(iii). Subject to the foregoing, Agent may hold and, in its permitted discretion, re-lend to Borrower for the account of such Defaulting Lender the amount of all such payments received and retained by Agent for the account of such Defaulting Lender. Solely for the purposes of voting or consenting to matters with respect to the Loan Documents (including the calculation of Pro Rata Share in connection therewith), such Defaulting Lender shall be deemed not to be a “Lender” and such Lender’s Commitment shall be deemed to be zero; provided, that the foregoing shall not apply to any of the matters governed by Section ‎14.1(a)(i) through ‎(iii). The provisions of this Section ‎2.3(g) shall remain effective with respect to such Defaulting Lender until the earlier of (x) the date on which all of the Non-Defaulting Lenders, Agent and Borrower shall have waived, in writing, the application of this Section ‎2.3(g) to such Defaulting Lender, or (y) the date on which such Defaulting Lender makes payment of all amounts that it was obligated to fund hereunder, pays to Agent all amounts owing by Defaulting Lender in respect of the amounts that it was obligated to fund hereunder, and, if requested by Agent, provides adequate assurance to Agent of its ability to perform its future obligations hereunder. The operation of this Section ‎2.3(g) shall not be construed to increase or otherwise affect the Commitment of any Lender, to relieve or excuse the performance by such Defaulting Lender or any other Lender of its duties and obligations hereunder, or to relieve or excuse the performance by Borrower of its duties and obligations hereunder to Agent or to the Lenders other than such Defaulting Lender. Any failure by a Defaulting Lender to fund amounts that it was obligated to fund hereunder shall constitute a material breach by such Defaulting Lender of this Agreement and shall entitle Borrower, at its option, upon written notice to Agent, to arrange for a substitute Lender to assume the Commitment of such Defaulting Lender, such substitute Lender to be reasonably acceptable to Agent. In connection with the arrangement of such a substitute Lender, the Defaulting Lender shall have no right to refuse to be replaced hereunder, and agrees to execute and deliver a completed form of Assignment and Acceptance in favor of the substitute Lender (and agrees that it shall be deemed to have executed and delivered such document if it fails to do so) subject only to being paid its share of the outstanding Obligations, including all interest, fees, and other amounts that may be due and payable in respect thereof); provided, that any such assumption of the Commitment of such Defaulting Lender shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any of the Lender Groups’ or Borrower’s rights or remedies against any such Defaulting Lender arising out of or in relation to such failure to fund. In the event of a direct conflict between the priority provisions of this Section ‎2.3(g) and any other provision contained in this Agreement or any other Loan Document, it is the intention of the parties hereto that such provisions be read together and construed, to the fullest extent possible, to be in concert with each other. In the event of any actual, irreconcilable conflict that cannot be resolved as aforesaid, the terms and provisions of this Section ‎2.3(g) shall control and govern.


(h)                Independent Obligations. All Loans shall be made by the Lenders contemporaneously and in accordance with their Pro Rata Shares. It is understood that (i) no Lender shall be responsible for any failure by any other Lender to perform its obligation to make any Loan hereunder, nor shall any Commitment of any Lender be increased or decreased as a result of any failure by any other Lender to perform its obligations hereunder, and (ii) no failure by any Lender to perform its obligations hereunder shall excuse any other Lender from its obligations hereunder.


2.4               Payments; Reductions of Commitments; Prepayments.


(a)                Payments by Borrower.