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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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of the Senior Debt; (v) any action or inaction on the part of Agent or any other Person; or (vi) any other matter, fact, or occurrence whatsoever.


(h) Acquisition of Liens or Guaranties. Except as expressly permitted by the Credit Agreement, no Creditor Obligor shall (i) acquire any Lien on any asset of any Debtor Obligor or (ii) accept any guaranties from any other Obligor or from any other Subsidiary of any Loan Party for the Subordinated Debt.


Section 9.             Subrogation. With respect to any payments or distribution in cash, property, or other assets that any Creditor Obligor pays over to Agent (for the benefit of the Lender Group) under the terms of this Agreement, each Creditor Obligor shall be subrogated to the rights of Agent, the other members of the Lender Group; provided, however, that each Creditor Obligor agrees not to assert or enforce any such rights of subrogation it may acquire as a result of any such payment or distribution hereunder until the Discharge of Senior Debt has occurred; provided further, however, that no Creditor Obligor shall exercise or enforce any such rights against any Debtor Obligor (including after the Discharge of Senior Debt) if all or any portion of the Senior Debt shall have been satisfied in connection with an exercise of remedies by Agent in respect of the Equity Interests of such Debtor Obligor whether pursuant to the Guaranty and Security Agreement or otherwise.


Section 10.         Continuing Agreement; Reinstatement. (a) Continuing Agreement. This Agreement is a continuing agreement of subordination and shall continue in effect and be binding upon each Obligor until the Discharge of Senior Debt has occurred. The subordinations, agreements, and priorities set forth herein shall remain in full force and effect regardless of whether any party hereto in the future seeks to rescind, amend, terminate, or reform, by litigation or otherwise, its respective agreements with the other Obligor. This Agreement shall be applicable both before and after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding and all converted or succeeding cases in respect thereof. The relative rights of parties hereto in or to any distributions from or in respect of any Collateral or proceeds of Collateral, shall continue after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding. Accordingly, the provisions of this Agreement are intended to be and shall be enforceable as a subordination agreement within the meaning of Section 510 of the Bankruptcy Code.


(b) Reinstatement. This Agreement shall continue to be effective or shall be reinstated (and the amount of Senior Debt shall be reinstated), as the case may be, if, for any reason, any payment of the Senior Debt shall be rescinded or must otherwise be restored by Agent or any other member of the Lender Group to any Loan Party or any other Person, whether as a result of an Insolvency Event or otherwise.


Section 11.         Transfer of Subordinated Debt. No Obligor may assign or transfer its rights and obligations in respect of the Subordinated Debt without the prior written consent of Agent, and any such transferee or assignee, as a condition to acquiring an interest in the Subordinated Debt shall agree to be bound hereby, in form reasonably satisfactory to Agent.


Section 12.         Obligations of the Obligors Not Affected. The provisions of this Agreement are intended solely for the purpose of defining the relative rights of each Creditor Obligor against each Debtor Obligor, on the one hand, and of Agent and the other members of the Lender Group against each Creditor Obligor, on the other hand. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall (i) impair, as between each Creditor Obligor and any Debtor Obligor, the obligation of the Debtor Obligor to pay its respective obligations with respect to the Subordinated Debt as and when the same shall become due and payable, or (ii) otherwise affect the relative rights of any Creditor Obligor against any Debtor Obligor, on the one hand, and of the creditors (other than Agent or the other members of the Lender Group) of the Debtor Obligors against the Debtor Obligors, on the other hand.


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