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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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This ASSIGNMENT AND ACCEPTANCE AGREEMENT (“Assignment Agreement”) is entered into as of __________________ between ______________________ (“Assignor”) and______________________ (“Assignee”). Reference is made to the Agreement described in Annex I hereto (the “Credit Agreement”). Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Credit Agreement.


1.       In accordance with the terms and conditions of Section 13 of the Credit Agreement, the Assignor hereby sells and assigns to the Assignee, and the Assignee hereby purchases and assumes from the Assignor, that interest in and to the Assignor's rights and obligations under the Loan Documents as of the date hereof with respect to the Obligations owing to the Assignor, and Assignor’s portion of the Commitments, all to the extent specified on Annex I.


2.       The Assignor (a) represents and warrants that (i) it is the legal and beneficial owner of the interest being assigned by it hereunder and that such interest is free and clear of any adverse claim and (ii) it has full power and authority, and has taken all action necessary, to execute and deliver this Assignment Agreement and to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby; (b) makes no representation or warranty and assumes no responsibility with respect to (i) any statements, representations or warranties made in or in connection with the Loan Documents, or (ii) the execution, legality, validity, enforceability, genuineness, sufficiency or value of the Loan Documents or any other instrument or document furnished pursuant thereto; (c) makes no representation or warranty and assumes no responsibility with respect to the financial condition of the Borrower or any Guarantor or the performance or observance by the Borrower or any Guarantor of any of their respective obligations under the Loan Documents or any other instrument or document furnished pursuant thereto, and (d) represents and warrants that the amount set forth as the Purchase Price on Annex I represents the amount owed by the Borrower to Assignor with respect to Assignor’s share of the Loans assigned hereunder, as reflected on Assignor’s books and records.


3.       The Assignee (a) confirms that it has received copies of the Credit Agreement and the other Loan Documents, together with copies of the financial statements referred to therein and such other documents and information as it has deemed appropriate to make its own credit analysis and decision to enter into this Assignment Agreement; (b) agrees that it will, independently and without reliance upon Agent, Assignor, or any other Lender, based upon such documents and information as it shall deem appropriate at the time, continue to make its own credit decisions in taking or not taking any action under the Loan Documents; (c) appoints and authorizes the Agent to take such action as agent on its behalf and to exercise such powers under the Loan Documents as are delegated to Agent by the terms thereof, together with such powers as are reasonably incidental thereto; [and] (d) agrees that it will perform in accordance with their terms all of the obligations which by the terms of the Loan Documents are required to be performed by it as a Lender[ and (e) attaches the forms prescribed by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States certifying as to the Assignee's status for purposes of determining exemption from United States withholding taxes with respect to all payments to be made to the Assignee under the Credit Agreement or such other documents as are necessary to indicate that all such payments are subject to such rates at a rate reduced by an applicable tax treaty].


4.       Following the execution of this Assignment Agreement by the Assignor and Assignee, the Assignor will deliver this Assignment Agreement to the Agent for recording by the Agent. The effective date of this Assignment (the “Settlement Date”) shall be the latest to occur of (a) the date of the execution and delivery hereof by the Assignor and the Assignee, (b) the receipt by Agent for its sole


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