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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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entity or an Affiliate of an entity that administers, advises or manages a Lender.


Related Parties” with respect to any Person, means such Person's Affiliates and the directors, officers, employees, partners, agents, trustees, administrators, managers, advisors and representatives of such Person and its Affiliates.


Remedial Action” means all actions taken to (a) clean up, remove, remediate, contain, treat, monitor, assess, evaluate, or in any way address a release of Hazardous Materials in the indoor or outdoor environment, (b) prevent or minimize a release or threatened release of Hazardous Materials so they do not migrate or endanger or threaten to endanger public health or welfare or the indoor or outdoor environment, (c) restore or reclaim natural resources or the environment, (d) perform any pre-remedial studies, investigations, or post-remedial operation and maintenance activities, or (e) conduct any other actions with respect to a release of Hazardous Materials, in each case as required by Environmental Laws.


Reorganization Plan” means a chapter 11 plan or plans filed in any of the Cases.


Replacement Lender” has the meaning specified therefor in Section ‎2.13(b) of the Agreement.


Required Lenders” means, at any time, Lenders having or holding more than 50% of the aggregate Loans and undrawn Commitments of all Lenders; provided, that (i) the Loans and undrawn Commitments of any Defaulting Lender shall be disregarded in the determination of the Required Lenders and (ii) at any time there are 2 or more Lenders, “Required Lenders” must include at least 2 Lenders (who are not Affiliates of one another).


"Replacement Sale Agreement" means one or more sale agreements entered into within five days following the termination, rescission or revocation of the Stalking Horse Sale Agreement or Overbid Sale Agreement, as the case may be, collectively with all schedules and exhibits thereto and all other agreements, documents and instruments related thereto and executed and/or delivered in connection therewith, which Replacement Sale Agreement is an Acceptable Alternative Sale Agreement, as such Replacement Sale Agreement may be amended, supplemented and/or modified from time to time as permitted by the Agreement.


Requirement of Law” means, as to any Person, any law (statutory or common), ordinance, treaty, rule, regulation, order, policy, other legal requirement or determination of an arbitrator or of a Governmental Authority, in each case applicable to or binding upon such Person or any of its Property or Products or to which such Person or any of its Property or Products is subject, including all applicable Health Care Laws.


Restricted Payment” means, as to any Person (a) any dividend or other distribution (whether in cash, securities or other property) on any Equity Interest in such Person (except those payable solely in its Equity Interest of the same class), (b) any payment by such Person on account of (i) the purchase, redemption, retirement, defeasance, surrender, cancellation, termination or acquisition of any Equity Interest in such Person or any claim respecting the purchase or sale of any Capital Stock in such Person, or (ii) any option, warrant or other right to acquire any Equity Interest in such Person, (c) any management fees, salaries or other fees or compensation to any Person holding any Equity Interest in a Loan Party or a Subsidiary or an Affiliate of a Loan Party or an Affiliate of any Subsidiary of a Loan Party (in each case, other than (A) payments of salaries and customary bonuses to individuals, (B) directors fees, (C) advances and reimbursements to employees or directors and (D) customary indemnities to employees and directors, all in the Ordinary Course of Business), (d) any lease or rental payments to an Affiliate or a Subsidiary of a Loan Party, or (e) repayments of or debt service on loans or other


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