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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/27/2019
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Lien (other than any Lien that secures the Obligations), taxes (other than payroll taxes or taxes that are the subject of a United States federal tax lien or an Irish tax lien), or rental payment, provided that (a) a reserve or other appropriate provision with respect to such obligation is established on Borrower’s or its Subsidiaries’ books and records in such amount as is required under GAAP, (b) any such protest is instituted promptly and prosecuted diligently by Borrower or its Subsidiary, as applicable, in good faith, (c) Agent is satisfied that, while any such protest is pending, there will be no impairment of the enforceability, validity, or priority of any of Agent’s Liens, (d) compliance with the obligation that is the subject of such contest is effectively stayed during such challenge; (e) the title to, and right to use, the applicable asset by any Loan Party or the Subsidiaries of any Loan Party are not adversely affected thereby; (f) the applicable asset or any part thereof or any interest therein shall not be in any danger of being sold, forfeited or lost by reason of such contest by any Loan Party or any Subsidiaries of any Loan Party; and (g) upon a final, non-appealable determination of such protest, any Loan Party and the Subsidiaries of any Loan Party shall promptly comply with the requirements thereof.


Permitted Purchase Money Indebtedness” means, as of any date of determination, Indebtedness (other than the Obligations, but including Capitalized Lease Obligations), incurred after the Closing Date and at the time of, or within 20 days after, the acquisition of any fixed assets for the purpose of financing all or any part of the acquisition cost thereof, in an aggregate principal amount outstanding at any one time not in excess of the amount permitted pursuant to clause (c) of the definition of “Permitted Indebtedness”.


Permitted Variances” has the meaning specified therefor in the applicable DIP Order. Any waiver of any variances from the Approved Budget that do not constitute Permitted Variances shall be subject to the consent of the Required Lenders in their sole discretion


Pernix Ireland” means Pernix Ireland Limited, formerly known as Worrigan Limited, a wholly owned Subsidiary of Borrower and a private company limited by shares incorporated under the laws of Ireland.


Pernix Ireland Pain” means Pernix Ireland Pain Designated Activity Company (f/k/a Pernix Ireland Pain Limited), a designated activity company organized under the laws of the Republic of Ireland.


Petition Date” has the meaning specified therefor in the recitals to the Agreement.


Person” means natural persons, corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, joint ventures, trusts, land trusts, business trusts, or other organizations, irrespective of whether they are legal entities, and governments and agencies and political subdivisions thereof.


Platform” has the meaning specified therefor in Section ‎17.9(c) of the Agreement.


Prepetition Collateral” has the meaning specified therefor in the applicable DIP Order.


Prepetition Payment” means a payment (by way of adequate protection or otherwise) of principal or interest or otherwise on account of any prepetition Indebtedness or trade payables (including, without limitation, in respect of reclamation claims) or other prepetition claims against any Debtor.


Prepetition Revolving Agent” has the meaning specified therefor in the applicable DIP Order.


Prepetition Revolving Financing Documents” has the meaning specified therefor in the


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