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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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45 • Generic products are marketed through Cypress and Macoven • ~20 product portfolio • All manufacturing and packaging is done by third parties Overview • Pernix markets generic products primarily through two of its wholly - owned subsidiaries, Cypress Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (“Cypress”) and Macoven Pharmaceuticals, LLC (“Macoven”) • Cypress, founded in 1993, was acquired by Pernix in 2012; Macoven was acquired by Pernix in 2010 • ~20 products sold to a diverse customer base that includes all of the major wholesalers and retail pharmacies in the U.S. • All products are manufactured & packaged by third - party CMOs • Key product categories include Vitamins & Minerals, Dental and Urology • Attractive platform for acquiring non - promoted products and launching authorized generic products Drug Indication / Use LTM Net Sales ($M) % of Total Generic Net Sales Cytra Prevention of kidney stones and gout $1.4 9.3% Prenatal Products Prenatal vitamin 1.5 9.8% Rena Products Vitamin deficiency 1.1 7.6% Iron Products Vitamin deficiency 1.4 9.7% Phos-NaK Powder Prevention of kidney stones and gout 1.9 12.8% Fluoride Products Dental prophylaxis 1.5 10.3% Magnesium Products Vitamin deficiency 1.2 7.8% Hematinic Products Vitamin deficiency 0.2 1.3% ICAR Products AG Vitamin deficiency 0.4 3.0% Senna Products Stool softener 0.1 0.8% Discontinued / Other Product N/A 4.1 27.7% Total Generic Net Sales $14.8 100.0% LTM (as of 9/30/2018) Generic Products Net Sales Generic Products