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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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21 ER Opioid Market (Million TRx) IR Opioid Market (Million TRx) • Today there is a large patient population suffering from chronic pain who are on an IR opioid. Given the potential benefits an ER formulation offers to patients, there is a significant opportunity to transition them to a more convenient and effective alternative • Approximately 85M prescriptions for IR hydrocodone were written in 2016 with an estimated 30% of those for chronic pain patients (~26M prescriptions) • These 26M prescriptions represent an opportunity for ER opioids and more specifically ER hydrocodones Total Market: 153M TRx Total Market: 15M TRx Source: PHAST April 2018. Notes: Figures represent 12 months ended April 2018. Above values do not change with QuickCare Commercial Direct ZHD Rxs included. Opioid Market Hydrocodone 59% Hydromorphone 2% Morphine 1% Oxycodone 38% Oxymorphone 0.1% Tapentadol 0.4% Buprenorphine 5% Fentanyl 24% Hydrocodone 2% Hydromorphone 1% Morphine 39% Oxycodone 23% Oxymorphone 4% Tapentadol 2% Strategy remains to ( i ) develop the ER hydrocodone market, and (ii) grow share of this segment