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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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11 PPD Works to Ensure that Patients Receive Prescribed Therapy Fulfillment program rolled out nationally for Treximet ® and Silenor ® in August 2015 • Created to reduce attrition between time prescription is written and dispensed • Fulfillment mailed directly to patient’s home • Co - pay support for commercially insured patients • Reduced “leakage” from pharmacy substitution • Option for automated refills to enhance patient adherence • Support for prescriber offices, removing administrative burden / barrier to writing prescriptions • Reduces negative feedback loop to prescribers • 200K+ TRx shipped and 33,000 patients enrolled to date and growing • 30% of Treximet ® prescriptions at LOE and 8 - 12% of Silenor ® prescriptions • Integral strategy for protecting share for the Treximet ® authorized generic post LOE Rolled out nationally for Zohydro ® ER with BeadTek ® in March 2017 • Since program inception shipped ~26K TRx of Zohydro ® ER • Each new patient receives a locking cap bottle to minimize risk of diversion • Most prescriptions are received by patient with adult signature required in 2 - 3 days (important for C2 opioid product) • To help patients overcome the challenges at the retail pharmacy and ensure they receive their prescribed medication, Pernix launched the Pernix Prescription Direct ® Program (“PPD”) • PPD is a prescription fulfillment service that provides benefit verification, prescription adjudication and mail order delivery of the prescription directly to the patient • Pernix believes PPD offers patients and healthcare professionals improved convenience and health plan management which leads to improved compliance and reduced prescription abandonment • Pernix has a non - exclusive, independent relationship with its pharmacy partners and no financial interest in any of its partners Existing relationships and agreements make PPD an attractive platform for future product launches / business development Scalable Prescription Fulfillment Service