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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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Taxes, the preparation for any audit by any Governmental Authority and the prosecution or defense of any claim, suit or proceeding relating to any Tax; provided, however, that neither the Buyer nor any Seller shall be required to disclose the contents of its Tax Returns to any Person. Any reasonable expenses incurred in furnishing such information or assistance pursuant to this Section 6.2 shall be borne by the Party requesting it.


Section 6.3                  Certain Tax Elections. The Buyer and the Sellers agree (i) to use the "standard procedure" described in Section 4 of IRS Revenue Procedure 2004-53, 2004-2 C.B. 320 with respect to the Sellers' Tax filing and payment obligations relating to the Business and the Business Employees and (ii) that the Buyer shall file (or cause to be filed) an IRS Form W-2 for each Business Employee with respect to the portion of the year during which such Business Employee is employed the Buyer that includes the Closing Date, excluding the portion of such year that such Business Employee was employed by the Sellers or their respective Affiliates.


Section 6.4                  Apportionment of Certain Taxes. All real property, personal property and similar ad valorem Taxes, if any, levied with respect to the Transferred Assets for a taxable period which includes (but does not end on) the Closing Date (collectively, the "Apportioned Taxes") shall be apportioned between the Sellers and the Buyer based on the number of days of such taxable period ending on and including the Closing Date (such portion of such taxable period, the "Pre-Closing Tax Period") and the number of days of such taxable period after the Closing Date (such portion of such taxable period, the "Post-Closing Tax Period"). The Sellers shall be responsible for the proportionate amount of such Apportioned Taxes that is attributable to the Pre-Closing Tax Period, and the Buyer shall be responsible for the proportionate amount of such Apportioned Taxes that is attributable to the Post-Closing Tax Period. Any Apportioned Taxes shall be timely paid, and all applicable Tax Returns shall be timely filed, as provided by applicable Law.


Section 6.5                  Payment of Taxes. Following the Closing, Buyer shall, to the extent permitted by Law, pay any and all unpaid Transfer Taxes and Apportioned Taxes to the applicable Governmental Entities and furnish Seller Parent with a copy of the receipt or other evidence of payment; provided, that in the case of any such Tax for which Sellers are primarily liable, Buyer shall, upon the request of Seller Parent, promptly pay to the applicable Seller the amount of such Tax (not to exceed the amount taken into account for such Tax in the Purchase Price) in order for such Seller to remit such amount to the applicable Governmental Entity, and Seller Parent shall furnish Buyer with a copy of a receipt or other evidence of payment.


Article VII


Section 7.1                  General Conditions. The respective obligations of the Buyer and the Sellers to consummate the transactions contemplated by this Agreement shall be subject to the fulfillment, at or prior to the Closing, of each of the following conditions, any of which may, to the extent permitted by applicable Law, be waived in writing by any Party in its sole discretion (provided, that such waiver shall only be effective as to the obligations of such Party):


(a)                 No Governmental Authority shall have enacted, issued, promulgated, enforced or entered any Law or Order (whether temporary, preliminary or permanent), that is