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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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(a)                 None of the Sellers owns any real property nor are any of the Sellers under contract to purchase or otherwise acquire any real property.


(b)                Section 3.11(b) of the Disclosure Letter lists (i) the street address of each parcel of Leased Real Property, (ii) if applicable, the unit designation of the space leased under the applicable Lease, (iii) the identity of the lessor of each such parcel of Leased Real Property and (iv) if applicable, the identity of each sublessee or occupant other than Sellers at each such parcel of Leased Real Property. The Seller party thereto has a valid leasehold estate in all Leased Real Property, free and clear of all Interests, other than Specified Interests.


(c)                 Subject to the approval of the Bankruptcy Court pursuant to the Sale Order and the assumption and assignment of the Leases pursuant thereto, each of the Leases relating to Leased Real Property is a valid and subsisting leasehold interest of the applicable Seller, free of Encumbrances (other than Specified Interests), except as limited by the Bankruptcy Code, is a binding obligation of the applicable Seller, enforceable against such Seller in accordance with its terms, and is in full force and effect. To the Knowledge of Sellers, following the assumption and assignment of such Leases by Sellers to Buyer in accordance with the provisions of Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code and the requisite Order of the Bankruptcy Court, there will be no monetary defaults thereunder and no circumstances or events which, with notice or the passage of time or both, would constitute defaults under such leases except, in either instance, for defaults which, individually or in the aggregate, do not or would not reasonably be expected to have a material impact on the use of such property or are unenforceable due to operation of Section 365(b)(2) of the Bankruptcy Code or have been or shall be cured pursuant to Section 365(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code and the provisions of this Agreement.


(d)                The Sellers have not granted to any Person (other than pursuant to this Agreement) any right or option to acquire, occupy or possess any portion of the Real Property, other than as set forth in Section 3.11(d) of the Disclosure Letter. The Sellers' interests with respect to the Leases have not been assigned or pledged and are not subject to any Encumbrances (other than Specified Interests). No Seller has vacated or abandoned any portion of the Real Property or given written notice to any Person of their intent to do the same.


(e)                 No Seller is a party to or obligated under any option, right of first refusal or other contractual right to lease any of the Real Property or any portion thereof or interest therein to any Person other than the Buyer.


(f)                  With respect to the Leased Real Property, none of the Sellers have given any written notice to any landlord under any of the Leases indicating that it will not be exercising any extension or renewal options under the Leases. All security deposits required under the Leases have been paid to and are being held by the applicable landlord under the Leases.


(g)                Since September 30, 2018, none of the Real Property has been affected in any way as a result of flood, fire, explosion or other casualty which would reasonably be expected to result in a Material Adverse Effect and which has not heretofore been substantially repaired or restored.


Section 3.12               Intellectual Property.