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PERNIX THERAPEUTICS HOLDINGS, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 02/19/2019
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"Intellectual Property" means all intellectual property and intellectual property rights and rights in confidential information of every kind and description throughout the world, including all U.S. and foreign: (a) trade names, trademarks and service marks, business names, corporate names, domain names, trade dress, logos, slogans, design rights, and other similar designations of source or origin, together with the goodwill symbolized by any of the foregoing ("Trademarks"); (b) patents, patent applications, invention disclosures, and all related continuations, continuations-in-part, divisionals, reissues, re-examinations, substitutions, and extensions thereof ("Patents"); (c) copyrights and copyrightable subject matter (whether registered or unregistered) ("Copyrights"); (d) rights in computer programs (whether in source code, object code, or other form) and software systems, algorithms, databases, compilations and data, technology supporting the foregoing, and all documentation, including user manuals and training materials, related to any of the foregoing ("Software"); (e) rights in confidential or proprietary information, trade secrets and know-how, and all other inventions, proprietary processes, formulae, models, and methodologies ("Trade Secrets"); (f) rights of publicity, privacy rights, and rights to personal information; (g) all rights in the foregoing and in other similar intangible assets; (h) all applications and registrations for any of the foregoing; and (i) all rights and remedies (including the right to sue for and recover damages) against past, present, and future infringement, misappropriation, or other violation relating to any of the foregoing.


"Interests" means all Claims, Encumbrances, and other interests (as such term is used in Section 363(f) of the Bankruptcy Code).


"Interim DIP Order" means an order, in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Buyer, entered by the Bankruptcy Court authorizing the Sellers to, among other things, enter into the DIP Credit Agreement and to incur the DIP Obligations on an interim basis.


"Inventory" means all raw materials, works in progress, finished goods, supplies, packaging materials and other inventories owned by the Sellers.


"IRS" means the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.


"Knowledge" with respect to the Sellers means the actual (but not constructive or imputed) knowledge of the persons listed in Section 1.1(b) of the Disclosure Letter as of the date of this Agreement after due inquiry (or, with respect to a certificate delivered pursuant to this Agreement, as of the date of delivery of such certificate).


"Law" means any statute, law, ordinance, regulation, rule, code, injunction, judgment, decree or order of any Governmental Authority.


"Lease" means a lease, sublease, license, or other use or occupancy agreement with respect to the real property to which a Seller is a party as lessee, sublessee, tenant, subtenant or in a similar capacity including the Morristown Lease.


"Leased Real Property" means the leasehold interests held by Sellers under the Leases (other than any Leases designated as an Excluded Asset pursuant to Section 2.6).